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Ferret Haven By The Sea is a non-profit no-kill animal shelter which is dedicated toChickie helping ferrets, and educating the public in the proper care and treatment of ferrets. We take in lost, unclaimed, or owner-released ferrets and place them in homes. If the ferret is sick, veterinary care is provided before adoption. All ferrets are current on their distemper shots. If a ferrets' health or age does not allow for adoption, we care for that ferret until its natural death. We NEVER put a ferret to sleep because we could not find him/her a home.


SilkFor a kit (up to 9 months old) the adoption fee is $80.00, for adult ferrets the adoption fee is $60.00, and for an older ferret the adoption fee is $40.00. In some cases where a pair can not be separated, the fee is $90.00.

There is a mandatory owner-release fee of $25. The release fee, in conjunction with completing the release form is to cover the cost of vaccinations and veterinary care for the ferret.

You can contact Ferret Haven "By-the-Sea" at the phone number on the Contact Us page or by email at fhbythesea@ferrethaven.org.


Ferret Haven "By-the-Sea" serves the Southeastern part of Virginia. We do not ship ferrets and the shelter is open by appointment only.

Beans & FrankNot close to us, but located in the State of Virginia? There are quite a few shelters scattered throughout the state. Richmond area:

Richmond Ferret Rescue League
Marlene Blackburn, Director. 804-276-3905.
Email: va_fert_resq@hotmail.com or richmondfert@aim.com.

Bonnie Russell at Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach
Email: info@wmafo.org

Other places to find a shelter: www.ferretcentral.org or www.ferret.org

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