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Adoption Application


Thank you for your interest in adopting a ferret from Ferret Haven By-The-Sea! This application is not a guarantee that a ferret will be placed with you. All information will be used solely for the purpose of adoption and not shared with anyone outside Ferret Haven By-The-Sea. By completing this form, you grant permission for our agents to contact your landlord, veterinarian, and any other contacts deemed necessary.

This form may seem a bit long, and in depth, but the only reason we ask so many questions is to be sure we find the perfect home for our ferrets. They've already become homeless once, and we want to make sure their next home is forever.

In order for your application to be considered, please fill out all areas of the application. If you do not submit information on how you can be reached, unfortunately, we have no way of contacting you, and therefore your application will not do you or us any good. Please fill out the email information if you wish to be contacted. Also, if you're using AOL, please make sure I can actually reply to you! We prefer to use email, since its much less expensive than long distance telephone calls. Thank You!

First Name:      Last Name:

E-Mail:      Phone:


City:      State:      Zip:

How did you hear about Ferret Haven By the Sea?

What kind of dwelling do you live in?

Do you..?      Are you over 18?


If renting, provide your landlords name, address & Phone number:
Landlords Name:

Landlords Address:

Landlords Phone:

NOTE: All renters will be requested to provide a copy of their lease stating permission to keep pets in the home. If this is not available, written permission from your landlord will be acceptable.


Pet Ownership History
(Please include information here for ALL pets EXCEPT ferrets)

How many pets do you currently own?

Please list below what kinds of pets you currently own including their age:

What kind of pets have you owned in the past five years?

Of the pets that you have owned but no longer have, what happened to them?

Have you taken your pets to the veterinarian for any reason in the past five years?
If yes, why?


Ferret Ownership Information
(skip section if you have NEVER owned a ferret)

How many ferrets have you owned in the past?

How many ferrets do you currently own?

Where did you acquire your ferret(s)?

If you still own ferrets, what are their ages?

What happened to any ferrets that you once owned but no longer have?

Have your current ferrets been vaccinated?

If so, when was the most recent vaccination?

What kind of vaccinations have your ferret(s) had?

Please note that you should brings vaccination records of your current ferrets with you when you visit the shelter to adopt. This helps us to verify that your ferrets vaccinations are up to date.


Have your ferret(s) been exposed to ECE?

Have your ferret(s) been tested for Aleutian's Disease Virus?

If so, what test was used and what were the results?

Have you taken you ferret(s) to the veterinarian for any reason in the past five years?

Where are your ferrets kept?

If they are caged, how often/for how long are they given runtime?

What types of food(s) do you feed your ferrets?

Do you have a veterinarian for your ferret(s)?

If yes, please list his/her name, address and phone number:

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Have you read any books about ferrets/ferret ownership? Which ones?

Do you subscribe to any internet mailing lists (ie; Ferret mailing List)? Which ones?

Have you browsed the internet to find any sites about ferrets? Which ones?

How old do you think that ferrets live to be?

About This Adoption

Are you interested in a adopting a ?

What age of ferret are you interested in adopting?

What is your color preference?

Please note, we do not always have adoptable ferrets in all color patterns.

Are you interested in a particular ferret?

If so, which one?

Thank you for the information. If there is anything else you think would be helpful,
please list it below:


Ferret Haven By-The-Sea also offers a Fostering program. This program is designed to place elderly and/or terminally ill ferrets into loving homes where they can be cared for more personally than they can in the shelter. Would you at this time be interested in more information about Fostering?:


Ferret Haven By-The-Sea reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone for any reason and to confiscate any ferret because of falsification of this adoption application. No ferret will be adopted to persons having an extensive history of losing, giving away, selling their pets. No ferret will be adopted to prospective owners who mislead or fail to provide accurate information on the adoption application. No ferret will be adopted into areas where ferrets are illegal. No ferret will be adopted into a home that does not provide routine medical care, including vaccinations, to their pets. By pressing submit, you agree that all information given here is accurate & true.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this pre-adoption questionaire. We will review it and contact you.

Lisa Leidig Ferret Haven By-The-Sea

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